INBRE Application Abstract

The Kentucky Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (KY INBRE) is a collaborative network of educational institutions working to build capacity for health-related and biomedical research in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The KY INBRE network is currently composed of 25 institutions that are geographically distributed across the state of Kentucky. The partner institutions include 2 research intensive universities, and 7 primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs). Another 16 PUIs participate in KY INBRE activities. 

The KY INBRE program is managed by 4 interactive components. 

In the next funding cycle, these 4 components will work together to continue to build biomedical research capacity, strengthen research culture, develop faculty research careers, and provide students with research opportunities to help develop a strong biomedical research workforce in Kentucky. We propose to accomplish these goals with the following overall specific aims: 

Page updated Sept 22, 2023