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Imaging Training and Education Center (ITEC)

Formerly Electron Microscopy (EM) Core

The statewide KY INBRE Imaging Training and Education Center (ITEC)

links facilities at the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University. The purpose of this Core is to facilitate the sharing of state-of-the-art equipment and to enhance research and research training. The Core maximizes the use of expertise, provides cost sharing and efficiencies of scale, and provides the necessary infrastructure for outreach to KY INBRE network investigators and their students.

KY INBRE ITEC Core Network Contacts


Official Acknowledgement Statement to be used for ITEC Core-supported work


Available equipment and their locations


Voucher opportunity for ITEC and other Core usage


Publications and Funded proposals resulting from ITEC (EM Core) support


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Page updated June 7, 2024