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Predictive Analytics and Data Science Hub 

Formerly Applied Statistics Core

Formerly known as the Applied Statistics Lab (ASL), the Predictive Analytics and Data Science (PADS) Hub has expanded the offered services and focus of the unit. The PADS Hub is comprised of three cores – Data Analysis Core, Training Core and Methodological Core – to meet the needs of faculty, staff and student researchers across the state of Kentucky. This newly revised hub provides assistance with grant applications and statistical, analytic or data science questions.

The mission of the PADS Hub is to build collaborative bridges between statisticians and other investigators as well as provide training, improve methodology for statistical analyses, and advance research programs both within and outside of the field of Statistics.

KY INBRE PADS Hub Contacts

University of Kentucky Predictive Analytics & Data Science Hub (PADS Hub): Katherine “Katie” Thompson, PADS Hub Director


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Hub Cores

PADS Hub is organized into three cores


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Page updated Dec 30, 2023