The major objective of the Mentoring Core is to provide an array of services to promote the research and career development of junior faculty, including postdoctoral associates, and students, both undergraduate and graduate.

Faculty Mentoring and Services

KY INBRE-mediated Faculty Mentoring is supplemental to the collaborative processes already in place between faculty and their existing discipline-specific mentors. The KY INBRE-process is structured to facilitate the development of federally competitive biomedical research programs with the aid of a set of best practices. These best practices are designed to complement the financial support provided through our research funding activities (see Research Support). The over-riding goal is to develop independent investigators who can provide superior research experiences for undergraduate students. The main aim of this core is to provide support and training to help junior investigators establish high quality pilot data as required to compete successfully for NIH funding.


Research Funding and Support

  • Provide research funding to develop high quality pilot data and publications (KY INBRE Research Funding Opportunities)

  • Provide release time from teaching to devote to research (25-50%)

  • Require Institutional Commitment

  • Provide access to state-of-the-art core facilities

  • Identify potential collaborators and state of the art resources (e.g., microarray facilities)

  • Site visits with KY INBRE funded PIs and institutional administrators

  • Facilitate collaborations with the state’s research intensive universities

  • Develop research grant support guidelines

  • Review all grant support applications

  • Provide extensive scientific and proposal development mentoring

NIH-R15 Proposal Development

  • Focus on the development of successful R15 as a path to research independence

Workshops and Training

Student Mentoring and Services

KY INBRE offers opportunities for experience in biomedical research to interested undergraduate students through several mentored research programs.

  • Research Training

  • Graduate school and career guidance

  • Travel support depending upon availability for poster presentations/national conferences