Administrative Core

The Administrative Core consists of the administrative office and the various operational and oversight committees.

Administrative Office

This office provides a leadership role in the development and support of KY INBRE activities and provides logistical support for KY INBRE committees and activities. The KY INBRE administrative office works with the Grants Management Office at the University of Louisville for the development of subcontracts to KY INBRE affiliates.

The administrative office is located at the University of Louisville and is managed by the Administrative Office Members.

Steering Committee

The purpose of this committee is to keep administrators at the affiliated institutions aware of goal-related activities, such that institutional resources/activities can be directed toward the biomedical focus area, if, and when deemed necessary. The institutional administrators of affiliated institutions select their institutional representative to the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is charged with the responsibility of establishing, maintaining and overseeing of goal-related activities. The Committee comprises one lead faculty member from each of the participating institutions. Each lead faculty plays a major role in the development of related activities at his/her home institution. Two sub-committees are charged with organizing summer undergraduate student research internships and promoting faculty research collaborations. The INBRE Steering Committee is responsible for oversight of the goals and objectives of the INBRE grant. Committee Members

External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The purpose of the EAC is to provide unbiased and critical advice, to measure progress, and to submit annual reports on progress to the Principal Investigator. Committee Members

Leadership Committee

Scientific Review Committee

Summer Student Program Committee