Postdoctoral Fellow Awards

Page updated October 3, 2022



This funding program provides partial support (up to 50%) for a post-doctoral research associate for NIH-R15 funded investigators at the primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs). The purpose of this program is two-fold: 1) to enhance the productivity of the NIH-R15 funded faculty member during  the award period by providing full-time management of the laboratory; and 2) to train and develop new Ph.D. investigators for faculty positions at PUIs. It is expected that this support will increase the PI’s research productivity to enhance the competitiveness of subsequent R15 and/or R16 renewal applications, and will increase the pipeline of biomedical research faculty at Kentucky institutions. If a postdoctoral fellow cannot be recruited, funds may be requested for partial support of a full-time  post-baccalaureate trainee.





Requests for Post-Doctoral Funding support should be sent via email to Dr. Martha Bickford  at least 30 days prior to the intended NIH R15 submission date.

The request should include: